Top Paramedical College In Bangalore

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Top Paramedical College In Bangalore

Para Medical College   Every year lots of students visit Bangalore to search   college and courses and the best Paramedical College in Bangalore. There is many  paramedical institution across the country which offer this courses. But especially  massive students want to study the courses in these Paramedical College in Bangalore especially at PMHS college. This Paramedical college in Bangalore is not only good in the filed of study paramedical courses but also very popular between the students who are currently studying this Paramedical College in Bangalore. You can visit and ask anyone about our guidance towards the students for this course who’s studying in these Paramedical College in Bangalore  and also  these Paramedical College in Bangalore offers opportunities towards the students. This Paramedical College in Bangalore offers UG, PG and certificate courses to study. This Paramedical College in Bangalore link with the glamourous hospitals and during practical time institute send the students to visit these hospitals.

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paramedical college in bangalore

About the College :  

This Paramedical College in Bangalore namely Prestige Paramedical College or PMHS college is located at Bangalore. This college is affiliated with Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science Bengaluru. This college staff has a different process of teaching students for the courses.  The teaching staff is totally wall of knowledge and they have the capacity to produce the same knowledge towards the students for this courses. The staff is teaching since many years but every year students comes from across the country to learn the courses in this college but the experimental thing is that all the students are totally different from each other. When the bundle of various students gathering here it’s a good experience for the staff to control the group and collectively it’s duty of the students, also to give company to the  college. There are some intelligent and mostly average students comes but at the end when they passed out all have the same ability to work in this field. Cause our teaching staff of the courses also find the new ways to teach students per year. Our students are always thirst of knowledge and our staff is always support them to gain knowledge not on this courses only but the give vast knowledge of this field. Our College  is not limited only in our education hub, it spread to rural areas also. While studying this courses,  PMHS took their students to rural areas to hold the classes and seminars and through that we teach the villagers, how to take their individual health care. Students also get the knowledge of healthy diet and Yoga.

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Courses  to opt in prestige paramedical college :

  PMHS offers some world class courses which you will not get anything very complicated. With the experimental and experiences teaching faculty you comfortable to understand the courses. Just have a look on this courses:

Athletic Trainer

Cardio Vascular Technologies

Medical Radiologic Therapist

Electrocardiograph Tech – ECG,EKG

Genetic Therapy

Respiratory Care Therapy

Physician Assistant

Industrial Radiologic Technology

Surgical Technologies

       EMT and Paramedic

       Ultrasound and Sonography Technologies

       Electroencephalographic Tech – EEG,  END

       Respiratory Care Therapy


       Radiological Science and Technologies

       Nuclear Medical Technologies

       Radiation Protection Technology

       Bsc optometry 3 years+1 year internship

       Bsc lab technologist 3 years + 6 months internship

       Bsc medical Imaging technologist+ 6 months internship

These courses are fully affiliated directly to the University and Government Authorities. After completing the courses in this college in Bangalore at PMHS College. PMHS offers you the opportunities to work with the reputed hospitals but not only in Bangalore but across the country. Some doctors heirs PMHS's students for their own faculty.

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Contact Us :

   You can download and submit the application form for the courses through the link.  Or you can directly contact us on the given number and on mail or you can visit the college in Bangalore.  

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